Monday, September 15, 2008


(border of Brazil and Argentina)
First we flew from Bariloche to Buenos Aires and got these shots of the Andes from the plane:

Then we flew from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu (tickets $180 each) to see this:

We spent 2 days inside the national park in awe at these marvelous waterfalls, a whole series of them coming down from a huge cirque. This is about 20% of the falls. See the boat at the bottom of the photo?

This is a panorama shot stitched from three photos

There were miles of trails and catwalks to explore above and below the falls

Amber convinced me to go the Iguazu, I wasnt convinced they were this cool until I saw them! To get Amber to be visible instead of dark in the foreground when the camera was focusing on the bright background, we set our Kodak digital camera on 'backlight - use flash'. (This $200 camera also took videos, see previous post)

This was a half mile long catwalk over the river to see the Gargantua del Diablo portion of Iguazu falls from the top; It's a huge loud funnel. You took a little train for 3K from the national park entrance to get to it. The whole park is wheelchair accessible.

Here is a 3 photo stitched panorama of the Gargantua falls from the top, Brazil is on the other side. Think of the sound!

It was hot and a bit muggy in the north of Argentina, unlike the cold winter in the south

There were other people around but we kept them out of our photos

You could pay for a ride up the base of the falls if you did not mind getting soaked. The next photo is a zoom closeup of this one:

You took a free boat to an island to hike up to this lookout point, imagine the noise and power of these falls!

The colors of the butterflies were amazing

Amber said the falls were the highlight of the trip!

Amber stayed in this spot a long time

This is about 20% of the falls, they came down a huge cirque

Bye Iguazu!


Mom/Grandma said...

These are wonderful pictures. It says "check back for movies" but nothing happened when I clicked on it - other than the photos.

You have had such a marvelous, boss-wonderful rewarding trip. I am ecstatic for the both of you. I am going to keep your blog forever and ever. I will also copy it just to be on the safe side.

And Kevin - I will, however, be glad when you are back. C & E are rented - just awaiting for you to fix everything with a lease. Mushin is fed-xing a check to me tomorrow which will take care of 1/2 Sept. plus a full deposit. No more of this drivel here.

I'm going back now to re-read your last 2 days as I only had time to skim them.

RWY said...

Hey Kev and Am,

The photos of Iguazu Falls are stunning! Amber had a good idea when she lobbied to go there. The butterflies sweetend and already grand port-of-call. See you soon!

Love from RWY